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Welcome to our Page, have look around we have a lot of pictures to look at.  Hope you enjoy your visit. 

We are a small CFA Registered Cattery located in Manchester, NH.   We do not believe in caging our cats and they have full run of the house, except the rooms they lock us in.  This is their house, we just rent from them.

My love for these beautiful cats started when I was a child and my beloved Mother brought home our first Siamese kitten Sheba.  Many years later I saw my first Himalayan and fell in love with the long haired elegant looking cat and knew I had to have my own.  Tasha was my first, she was a blue cream point.  We got Mishka a blue point to keep Tasha company after we lost our last siamese.  We didn't think that getting a cat from a reputable breeder mattered, we put our trust in these 'breeders' only to find out the hard way - it was a bad choice.  Mishka started having problems at a year old and after 3 long years of treatments trying to find out what was wrong we knew we had no other choice, we had to do the right thing.  Our vet said something about 'bad breeding' and that is when we knew we were going to start our own breeding program so others won't have to go through what we went through. 

Our cattery has produced many beautiful colors from solid lilacs and chocolates to lilac points and chocolate points, silvers, tabbies, even black smoke persians.

All of our cats are FeLV/FIV negative.

We do not offer stud service -
We are a closed cattery
Slumber Party
Black Smoke
Chocolate Point
Lilac Point
Cream Point
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Shaded Silver
Tortie Point
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Lia & Sophia
Some of our kittens in their new happy homes.
Saluting the troops
Tabby boy
Pocket Kitty
Peanette drinking her bottle
Laid back relaxing